What is BreadBytes?

Make Money. Save Money. Save Time.
BreadBytes was founded with the mission to help other like-minded investors make smarter decisions when it comes to earning passive income in DeFi. If its not making money, saving money or saving time then we don't want to hear about it.
BreadBytes has its own roadmap but right now we are focused on two key areas:
  • Protocol Reviews
  • Algorithmic Trading Bots

Protocol Reviews

Our team has spent countless hours deep diving into all different types of protocols within the DeFi space. We understand what mechanics can make a protocol successful and those that cannot.


Our algorithmic trading bots are referred to as "BreadBots". Our team has over 20+ years of combined trading experience in the markets. Over this time we have devised multiple success trading strategies through our custom built technical indicators. Our BreadBots will feature:
  • DCA (dollar cost average)
  • Scalping
  • Support/Resistance
  • Momentum based price action

Got 5 Minutes?

Check out a video overview of our website: