Fund Allocation

What and where do my funds go?

Upon funding your account via our partner links, you'll need to make sure you have the correct asset to be traded and the funds in the correct wallet.

To trade our bots you'll need your funds that are in the exchange to be in USDT. So make sure you convert coins or already have USDT funds to be able to trade our strategies.

Once you have your funds in USDT, you have one more step left, making sure they are in the correct wallet. Below are the different partnered exchanges and the corresponding wallet you will need your funds in based on that exchange. It's easy to move funds across wallets, just hit the transfer button and move funds to the correct wallet within the exchange.

ByBit: Derivatives or Unified Trading Wallet (Depending on account type) BitGet: USDT-M Futures Wallet BingX: Perpetual Futures Wallet Phemex: Contract Wallet

Once you have your funds in the correct wallet, you can proceed to the next steps of setting up the bot on your exchange.

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