Services that can help your project be even more successful and sustainable.


We give ideas for the team to execute. We don't implement any of the changes into their protocol

Why Choose BreadBytes

While perfecting our Protocol Review, BreadBytes has taken an in-depth look at over 100 different projects within the DeFi space. Our auditors have reviewed all different types of protocols including:

  • GameFi

  • DAO's

  • Node's

  • NFT's

  • Liquidity Pools

  • Auto-Staking

Through our extensive research we have seen many protocol successes as well as failures. We have taken note of what mechanisms work and which do not. We bring all of this experience to our consulting sessions.

Consulting Services Offered

We offer a few different types of consulting services depending on what your project needs. Our services are designed to help teams in different stages of their business.

-Brand New Pre-Development -Post Development/Pre-Launch -Post Launch -Failed Protocol Recoveries

All consulting services come with an in-depth review of your project through our BreadBytes Protocol Review.

Brand New Pre-Development

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