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BreadBytes V2 Announcement (1/18/24):

We are getting closer to launching BreadBytes V2 and wanted to start preparing you for whats to come and give you some insight on what we have been working on. We have been able to gather so much data from our strategies and have learned so much in our first 12-18 months in this space and can't wait to build and improve upon them going forward.

Since we launched we have gathered a ton of insight from you all and the entire community in what you liked and disliked from the trading bot space and we wanted to try and solve some of the problems in this space.

The first problem we wanted to tackle and to share with you all today was around Cost. This was consistently one of the biggest pain points for users, the cost of the strategies, cost of the bots, it was just way too much for the average user. It also made our job slightly more challenging as we had to account for the cost in our strategy performance, so on top of being profitable with the bots, we also needed to be profitable enough monthly to make up more than the average user was paying in subscription fees.

As you remember, we partially solved this with our move to making our strategies free with referral sign ups. The problem was still lingering though as each user had to pay $25 per bot to Astrabit just to run our strategies. This still, in our opinion was too much for the user to have to pay. So we went to work and came up with a new pricing structure thats mutually beneficial for the user and us as a business.

To achieve this, we did have to make the tough decision to part ways with Astrabit. So we no longer have any partnership or affiliation with them. This move has given us the freedom to do things our way and have full control over all aspects of our products and pricing of those products.

Once we launch our V2, all of our strategies will be completely FREE to the user! No strategy cost, no bot cost, nothing. We will still ask you to utilize our exchange referrals, as that will be the way for us to be paid for the work we do. But this is a huge win for everyone. All users can use our strategies completely FREE and we will get paid from the commissions made from trading fees generated from our strategies.

Our mission from the beginning with BreadBytes was to help users make money, save money, and save time. We'll continue to strive to hold ourselves to these standards as we continue to grow our business and community.

We appreciate everyone that has supported us for the last 12-18 months and look forward to delivering some exciting new strategies and products in the near future.

We have several other pieces of news we will be sharing as we get closer to launch in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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