Short Bread Bot

Bot Description and Setup Guide

Bot Info

This trading bot is a indicator based strategy that identifies trade opportunities long and short on Ethereum.
Our Short Bread algorithmic trading bot is based off custom technical analysis indicators that identify long and short opportunities in the market. This bot has a feature called Multiple Time Frame Analysis, not seen in any other bot on the market. This strategy can look at multiple time frames and make sure the trend is strong in either direction before entering a trade. ‍
This bot is a long/short combo strategy that trades on Ethereum, this bot has elements of day and swing trading incorporated into it. Sometimes it will take several trades per day, other times it may hold on to a trade for several days before exiting. Due to the nature of how this bot trades, the maximum capital you may trade is capped at $100,000. The custom technical analysis indicators we use for this bot are designed to identify low and high points intraday and flip between long and short dependent on the indicator triggers we have setup. This bot will primarily flip between long and short positions, so it may hold a short or hold a long until the opposite end of the trade presents itself. All bot parameters are pre-programmed and optimized by our team.

Setup Guide

Once you have subscribed to the strategy you will need to create and setup the bot. Each bot has specific settings required to achieve optimal results. Here is how you should setup the Short Bread bot.
First thing you want to do is click create bot in your Astrabit dashboard. It will bring you to the screen below in which you want to make sure the following settings are correct:
  1. 1.
    Select Short Bread as the strategy
  2. 2.
    Make sure the Bot Type is set to Single Entry Bot
  3. 3.
    Make sure the currency is set as Ethereum
  4. 4.
    Make sure you have your exchange you want to use, connected.
SB Steps 1-4
5. Name the bot (You can call it whatever you like) Make sure you select your ETH Exchange Pair, you can use ETH or USDT (or USDC with BitGet) and status is Enabled Set how much of your account balance you would like to allocate to the bot Decide if you want to use leverage(This bot can do up to 5x Leverage)
6. The last step is Risk Management, this bot already has preset take profit and stop losses levels, so you can leave all these settings unchecked. You can manually override our take profit and stop loss levels however know that your results may vary if you do so.
Click the create bot button and you are all set. Congrats! Your bot is now live!
SB Steps 5-6